In order to prepare students for post-secondary life, Warrenton High School will create an academic culture to develop student growth and performance;   increase communit
y, student, and parent involvement to foster a sense of pride in the school; and produce clear academic and behavioral expectations to enhance engagement.

Warrenton High School is committed to student success; our mission is to provide the best education possible for each student in a safe and supportive environment.


Mr. Nick Heggemann, Principal

Mrs. Sharyl Kelsch, Assistant Principal

Mr. Kenneth Holstine, Assistant Principal

Mr. Bobby Spoonster, Asst. Principal/Activities Director


Warrior Nation News...

Attention: Any Junior student that lives in our district, goes to a private school, or is home schooled will need to contact Amy Field the 11th Grade School Counselor to sign up to take the State ACT for Tuesday April, 19th.  The deadline to sign up with Mrs. Field is Monday, February 1st at fieldam@warrencor3.k12.mo.us or (636) 456-6902 ext.  2324